Managing Photos and Videos

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors discuss different digital photo managing programs that you can use to organize and store your pictures and videos on your smartphone, computer and/or tablet. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tech sessions!

Recorded 10/07/2021

Photo & Video Memory Apps

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors talk about a few different free smartphone applications and websites, like 1 Second Every Day and Animoto, that allow you to use clips and photos to create unique videos of special memories.

Recorded on 06/23/2021

Converting VHS to Digital

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors discuss how to convert VHS tapes into digital files that can be stored and accessed from your devices, the cloud, or an external storage system.

Recorded on 06/10/2021

Fragment and Other Photo Editing Programs

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors discuss the Fragment Photo Editing app, which allows you to transform any image into unique prismatic art, as well as many other photo editing apps and websites, including Apple Photos, Google Photos, Adobe Lightroom, and Pixlr.

Recorded on 05/12/2021

Canva: Free Graphic Design Website

How do you use Canva? this is a free graphic design website. Canva is used to make and edit things like posters, social media posts, logos, flyers and much more.

Creating Custom Photo Gifts Online: Walmart Photo Centre

How do I use Walmart Photo Centre? Learn how you can customize your photos and transform them into calendars, cards, pillows, and more.

PicCollage: Photo Collage App

How to use PicCollage? PicCollage is an app where you can add multiple photos together to make fun collage edits.

How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer

How do I transfer photos from my camera or phone to my computer? Learn how to use photo applications to help move your photos between devices.

How to Use Photo Editing Apps

How do I edit my photos? Learn how to use photo editing apps to enhance your pictures. Many of these easy-to-use apps allow you to edit your photos for free.

Taking, Editing and Sharing Pictures

Want to improve your digital photography skills? Learn helpful tips for taking, editing, and sharing pictures.