L’objectif de Cyber-Seniors est de réduire la fracture numérique et de connecter les générations via la technologie.Apprendre encore plus

Introduction to Cyber-Seniors
Cyber-Seniors Trailer
Meet the Cyber-Seniors

"I’ve seen a big change in our seniors since the Cyber-Seniors program started. Several of them, who spent a lot of time by themselves, are now reaching out to the other seniors more often."

Lisa, Activities Coordinator, Retirement Community, Milwaukee, WI

"The senior partner I was assigned to was very friendly with me and shared personal stories about him that really touched me. He also inspired me to do more and be more."

Javier, High School Student, Los Angeles, CA

"So many of my students were reluctant in the beginning about teaching someone much older than them, and what knowledge they could possibly share. Well it turns out, quite a lot. But they also learned just as much."

Kathryn, High School Teacher, Hoboken, New Jersey

"My [Cyber-Seniors] mentor was very attentive and helpful. She showed me how to download a few helpful apps on my phone and we used Adobe Spark to create a YouTube video tutorial on how to play Mahjong."

Betty, Senior Citizen, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"The Cyber-Seniors Program has provided my gerontology students with such practical, hands-on training for learning how to be effective and empathetic support workers and teachers."

Sue-Ann, Assistant Professor of Gerontology, Boston, MA

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