Notes for Finding Services for Older Adults

Many services are available online, some paid and some free. To find services for yourself you can google “(type of service) for seniors in (location)”.

Another great resource for finding programs and services in your area are public libraries! Libraries offer many events and programs online, and often can provide lists to other services available in the area.

During COVID-19 we have noticed that many companies and agencies are providing online services for people in all different locations. It may be useful to broaden your search location if you are looking for a service that is completely online accessible and that you don’t need to go into a physical location/building for.



Government of Canada / Provincial Government of Ontario Services

Canadian Government General Lists of Services

  • Canadian government webpage that locates free newcomer services near you
    • You can filter the services by location (I.e. type in your city/town).

  • Government webpage with online information and programs to learn how to be cybersafe

  • Government webpage that helps you search for benefits that you are eligible for in Canada

Ontario Programs and Services; General Lists of Services

  • Elder abuse online information and support

  • Ontario guide for programs for seniors that provides links to information on services and programs for housing, recreation, financial support etc.

  • Seniors driving, transportation and roads information from the Ontario Government
    • Includes information about renewing your license at/after 80 years old

  • Ontario Government list of resources for elder abuse (for people who are witnessing or experiencing it)

  • Information for seniors on how to plan for the future

  • Ontario Community Support Association webpage that provides information on different agencies, programs, and services.
    • You can filter the results by location (I.e. city) and type of service/program you want.

  • Information about moving to Ontario / immigrating.
    • Also provides links to Multicultural community centers throughout Ontario.

  • Provides access to the Seniors Guide for Programs and Services in Ontario
    • You can access the guide in multiple languages.
    • It covers programs for social, LGBTQ, housing, First nations etc.

  • Services advocating for older Canadians

Red Cross

  • Red Cross senior support services
    • When using this website make sure you are searching for services within Ontario


Hamilton Ontario

  • Hamilton Ontario links to programs for seniors
    • Links for learning about housing, recreation activities, where to find
    • information about the city, etc.


Oshawa Ontario

  • Oshawa Center for Seniors list of online workshops and programs


Township of Russel Ontario

  • Senior services offered in the Township of Russel Ontario


Southeast Ontario Region

  • This webpage provides links to services for seniors within the Southeast Region of Ontario
  • Services include senior’s housing, adult day programs, fall prevention programs etc.


Niagara Region

  • Community Programs for older adults in the Niagara Region
  • Provides a list and links to different programs in the region with a description of the program

  • Information about outreach services for older adults to help them age in their own home
  • Includes information on adult day programs, respite companions, meal services etc.

  • Provides a list of resources / other websites that can be accessed for services like: home services, housing, education etc.


London and Western Ontario

  • Online networks to enhance seniors experiences in the community

  • Access to newsletters, online programs and other events

  • Elder abuse prevention and seniors safety help line

  • Plenty of online resources for computer training services

  • Connecting older adults with employment opportunities in the London area



Government of Canada

  • Tips for reporting fraud

  • Canadian Retirement Calculator

  • Canadian Government financial literacy programs

  • eLearning videos for financial literacy

  • Information about Protecting your information when you are a victim of a data breech

  • Known frauds and current frauds in Canada

  • Veterans Affairs Canada


City of Mississauga

  • Financial assistance for older adults


Government of Ontario

  • Purchasing a new graphic license plate
    • There is also information about how to get a veteran’s poppy license plate if you are a veteran


Toronto Public Library

  • Toronto Ontario Public Library events for personal finance programs
    • They are held virtually online during COVID-19 Pandemic
    • To register you must click the event you want to participate in and then scroll down the page to “click here to register and receive a reminder”


Niagara Falls Region

  • Provides a list of programs and agencys that will help with your finances
    • For example: It has a link to the Niagara Region Public Health Unity for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, as well as Service Canada Centre information



London Public Library;jsessionid=03D80CDD86640B5A6878DC2D2F51E203?lang=eng&suite=def

  • London Ontario public library event and program link
  • Click “adults” and “everyone” on the right-hand side under “Limit to Type” to find programs for seniors or people of all ages
  • Programs are offered online during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Example programs: ESL Reading Group, Read Across Canada Adult Online Reading Challenge


Niagara Falls Region

  • Niagra Falls public library calendar of events
  • To participate click on the event you are interested in to read how to join the event
  • On the left side of the screen under audience click “adults” to get age-related activities

  • Coronation Centre
    • Offers social events online for people who are 50+
    • Has a membership fee of $33.00

  • Home Instead
  • Home care services that include transportation, companionship, cleaning etc.
  • Note: This company is in other cities as well, not just in the Niagara Region


Ontario Legions

  • Ontario legion website


Seniors Pride Network

  • Senior pride network


Toronto Public Library

  • Toronto Public Library older adult online program event list


Mississauga Halton Region

  • Lists recreational, fitness and social programs for seniors


City of Kingston

  • Seniors Association Kingston Region offers social events and fitness programs to older adults
  • Note: there are membership fees



Municipality of Peel

  • Provides information about senior safety


City of Kingston Police

  • Information about elder abuse awareness and prevention
  • Information about crime prevention and safety tips


Healthy and Active Living

Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario

  • Link to the Alzheimer’s society of Ontario website


Comfort Care

  • Care services offered by Comfort Care in Peterborough Ontario.


Etobicoke Ontario Services

  • ESS support services for seniors in Ontario, and specifically in Etobicoke.
    • There are some videos for home exercises and online events that are accessible to all older adults in Ontario.


Kitchener Ontario Services

  • Activities offered and supported by the City of Kitchener Ontario for seniors
    • Some activities are accessible to all seniors no matter their location of residence due to the online nature of some events.


Government of Canada

  • Health recommendation guideline for Canadians
  • Scroll down the home page and click on 65+ to find health guidelines for seniors

  • Canadian Government organized site for health and wellness with eating tips and guides for seniors


Government of Ontario

  • Ontario Seniors Services Guide to active living (provides online links to other organizations)

  • Information on how to get an accessibility parking permit


GTA, Ottawa and London area

  • Delivery network to assist seniors with groceries, supplies and medication


Ottawa Health Services

  • Information on keeping your brain healthy and active
    • Provides some links to Ottawa services; but also general links to activity toolkit guides


City of Kingston

  • A list of programs and activities for older adults in the Kingston area


Toronto Health Services

  • Link to a list of health services in Toronto


Niagara Falls Region

  • A list of fitness services offered in the Niagara area for older adults

  • Brock University – Senior Fit Program
  • Exercise program for men and women over the age of 55


Mental Health

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health list of services and programs
  • Example program: Geriatric Telemedicine Clinic
    • Is intended for seniors who live in remote areas of Ontario with no access to local psychiatric services


Mental Health Commission of Canada

  • Mental health commission of Canada
  • Access to information for Mental Health for Seniors and services for seniors throughout Canada


eMental Health

  • eMental Health provides a list of online mental health services and agencies
  • It can be filtered by city/location, and type of service



London Ontario Public Library

  • Online sessions for Canadian citizenship preparation


Government of Ontario

  • Adult Learning Ontario guide


Lifelong Learning Niagara

  • A learning organization that provides programs for older adults (50+)


University Programs

  • Older Adults and Lifelong Learners at McMaster University

  • Programs for 50+ Older Adults at Ryerson University

  • University of Toronto program for senior citizens to be non-degree students that participate in courses
    • Provides information on the program and the application process

  • The Seniors Association of Toronto puts on courses through George Brown College
  • You can attend courses in person or complete them online



Government of Canada

  • Information about the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program in Canada
  • To apply you must contact your provincial government
    • For Ontario citizens, please see the Employment Ontario link below


Government of Ontario

  • Employment Ontario helps job seekers, workers and employers with advice, grants and other services around public and private sector employment


Ontario Community Support Association

  • Ontario Community Support Association resource page on finding a job in Ontario
  • Also provides job postings for different types of careers related to healthcare/community care


The Ontario Caregiver Organization

  • This webpage provides a list of disability employment programs for adults with developmental and physical disabilities
  • You can search by location


City of Toronto

  • Provides a list of websites that have information/opportunities older adults to find a job

  • This webpage provides a link to Toronto Community Employment Services
  • They provide a list of services they can provide and a job board


City of Kitchener

  • Provides job listings and different support programs in Kitchener and other Ontario cities
  • Look at the “helpful connections” tab, “job listing sites” tab”, and “job searching tabs”. Make sure to click on the drop-down online resources tab on each page


City of Ottawa

  • Ottawa Employment Hub
  • Provides a job seeking toolkit and employment learning resources



Government of Ontario

Affordable housing in Ontario |

  • Different programs that help you to find an affordable place to live

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS)

  • A non-profit housing provider with a focus on the indigenous community

Seniors: find a place to live |

  • Information about long-term care homes, retirement homes, rental housing, and other housing types for seniors


City of Toronto

Seniors Housing Services – City of Toronto

  • Provides different housing programs, including long-term care homes, emergency shelters, and renting homes


Niagara Region

  • A list of community housing spaces in the Niagara Region by the Niagara Regional Housing agency

  • Seniors On the Move is a company that can provide services for people who are moving or downsizing
  • Services include prep and packing, unpacking, and providing a list a reputable moving companies


City of Kingston

  • Subsided housing for senior’s 55+ in Kingston Ontario



General Online Services for Seniors

Wellness and Physical Activity

Healthy Active Living Program

  • For 50+ years old residents of New Brunswick
  • Provide free sessions and modules providing key information on several lifestyle choices


  • LivingWell Companion device that includes fall detection, GPS, 24/7 emergency support

  • Free Wellness Webinars for seniors from health and wellness experts

  • Guide of safe exercises for seniors with and without chronic conditions

YouTube Exercise Videos (Specific to the Older Adult Population)

YouTube Zumba Fitness Videos


  • Government organized site for health and wellness with eating tips and guides for seniors

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dieticians with a section of tips, information and meal guides for seniors

  • Senior’s Guide for healthy eating with checklists and charts


Brain Health

Fountain of Health Program

  • Brain Challenge program developed by Dalhousie University
  • Provides information on why learning new skills is beneficial and gives some ideas for different skills you can try


  • A mindfulness training app / website

  • Provides lists of brain games to promote cognitive health in seniors


Fit Brains Trainer: available for Androids and Windows 10

Fit Brain Trainer. Memo training. Logic pairs: available for Mac, iPad and iPhones

Online Games:



Canadian Virtual Hospice

  • Provides counselling services for working through grief
  • Provides information about grief and other resources



  • Free online courses on money management for all ages

Tech Boomers

  • Free online courses for how to use different apps / programs on the computer



March of Dimes

  • Provides funding for basic homes and/or vehicle modifications for Ontario residents

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

  • Provides information about a variety of housing options to fit different needs and budgets



Region: Southwestern Ontario


Comfort Keepers, Transportation Services

  • Phone: 705-728-8222
  • Barrie, ON
  • Assist with helping get dressed and prepared for appointment, accompany you to appointment, take notes to convey to loves ones, take you back home

(PARA) Handi-Transit Windsor

Aamjiwnaang First Nation Wheelchair Accessible Van

  • Phone: 519-332-6770
  • The van may be used for the following purposes: Medical appointments – we can provide a Medical Driver, Personal outings (shopping, visits, etc.) – you provide your own driver, and Community outings during regular business hours – a driver may be provided if available.

Chatham Accessible Transit


Region: Niagara Falls and Wine Country


Ride Care Niagara

  • Phone: 905-327-4229
  • Email:
  • Call or email to book a ride or get a quote
  • Not Wheelchair Accessible
  • Provides door-to-door transportation for seniors and those with disabilities in the Niagara Region. Offer personal attendants that will stay with clients for the duration of their trip and/or one-way ride option
  • Serves: Fort Erie ; Niagara Falls ; Niagara-on-the-Lake ; Port Colborne ; St Catharines ; Thorold ; Welland


Right at Home St. Catharine and Niagara



Region: Hamilton, Halton, Brant



Accessible Transportation services – DARTS (Hamilton)

  • Door to door paid bus service for wheelchairs or scooters
    • Free for golden age passholder’s 80+
  • Must fill out a form and send it to the City of Hamilton before you can use this bus. Your doctor will need to fill out part of the form.


The Food Access Guide Shopping and Transportation Services


HSR City Bus


Red Cross Transportation (Hamilton)


Taxi Program Hamilton



(PARA) Burlington Handi-Van

Specialized Transit Application Office
c/o Oakville Transit
1225 Trafalgar Rd.
Oakville, ON L6H 0H3


(PARA) Halton Hills ActiVan(external link)


(PARA) Milton Access+


(PARA)Oakville Care-A-Van(external link)

Halton Mobility Transportation


Burlington Taxi Companies

Burlington & Delux taxi

  • Phone: 905-333-3333 or 905-333-0000
    • Accessible services & seniors discounts available
  • Gem – 905-333-1234
    • Accessible services & seniors discounts available


Halton Hills/Milton Taxi Companies



A1 Rose Taxi

  • Phone: 905-875-1900
  • Accessible services & seniors discounts available


EZ Taxi


McKab Taxi


Milton Taxi

  • Phone: 905-875-2884
  • Accessible services & seniors discounts available


Oakville Taxi Companies

AAA Halton Taxi

  • Phone: 905-844-4300
  • Accessible services & seniors discounts available


Oakville United

  • Phone: 905-338-0044
  • Accessible services & seniors discounts available


A1 Oakville Taxi

  • Phone: 905-844-0050
  • Accessible services & seniors discounts available



(PARA) Brantford Lift


Driving Miss Daisy


Brant eRide


Canadian Red Cross Brantford



Region: Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington


PARA Transit

EasyRide (Huron & Perth Counties)

Mobility Bus (Stratford)


Mobility Services (Guelph)


GRT MobilityPLUS (Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo)


K-Transit (Woolwich/Wellesley/Wilmont/Elmira)


Woodstock Para-Transportation


Mobility Services taxiSCRIP program (Guelph)


GRT TaxiScrip (Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo)

  • For MobilityPLUS customers (have mobilityPLUS photo ID card)
  • TaxiSCRIP books have coupons that represent a cash value. Provided discounted rates for taxi
    • Cambridge:
      • Golden Triangle Taxi: 519-740-2222
    • Kitchener-Waterloo:
      • City Cabs: 519-747-7777
      • United Taxi: 519-888-9999
      • Waterloo Taxi: 519-888-7777


TaxiScrip Woodstock

  • For Para-Transportation customers
  • TaxiSCRIP books have coupons that represent a cash value. Provided discounted rates for taxi
  • Taxi companies:
    • Blue Line: 613-238-1111
    • Capital Taxi: 613-238-1111
    • De-Ville: 613-841-6090
    • West-Way: 613-727-0101



Region: Greater Toronto Area


CANES Community Care – Ride Connect Transportation


Seniors for Seniors – A division of spectrum


SPRINT Senior Care, Transportation


Mavencare Seniors Transportation Services


Toronto Transit Commission





Region: York, Durham, Peel and Hills of Headwater


Mobility On-Request Paratransit (York)


TransHelp Paratransit (Peel)


Durham Region Transit



TransHelp Taxi Scrip (Peel)

  • Taxi Scrip is a subsidized taxi service for TransHelp members. This means the fares are lower than actual taxi fares and the taxi company is reimbursed the difference.
  • Mississauga:
    • A Black Cab: 905-822-4000
    • All Star Taxi: 905-602-0000
    • Blue and White Taxi: 905-274-4444
  • Brampton
    • A1 Taxi: 905-453-6666
    • A Seven Eleven Taxi: 905-454-9999
    • Bram City Taxi: 905-455-1000
    • Brampton Bramalea Kwik Kab: 905-450-1111



Region: Kawartha and Northumberland


LIMO Specialized Transit (Kawartha)


Community Support Services Volunteer Drivers Lindsay


Community Support Services Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Lindsay

  • Phone: 705-324-7323
  • A per kilometre or flat rate is charged per ride, depending on the pickup and destination locations. The transportation is available for medical appointments, treatments, community services, shopping or social and recreational activities. Transportation is also available for individuals who do not require wheelchair accessibility but who, due to frailty, may require additional support to access vehicles and escort assistance to reach their destination.


Northumberland Transportation Initiative

Region 10: Ottawa and the Countryside

Ottawa Seniors


Good Companions Transportation


Para Transpo Ottawa


Ottawa Taxi Coupon Program


Transco Shopper Routes Ottawa


Carefor Health & Community Services – Renfrew County Office – Urban Ottawa – Champlain Community Transportation Collaborative

  • Phone: 613-740-5775
  • Transportation services for older adults and people with disabilities living in the Champlain District. Medical appointments * discharge from hospital * day programs * occupational therapy (OT) assessment * daily living activities such as work, grocery shopping, banking, Diner’s club, pharmacy, etc. * centers need between one to seven days notice for transportation.



Region: South Eastern Ontario


Senior Support Services Transportation

Bancroft Community Transit



Region: Muskoka, Parry South and Algonquin Park


Muskoka Seniors


Muskoka Senior Assist

  • Phone: 705-205-4723
  • Transportation options include:
    • Shopping and errands
    • To and from medical appointments
    • Can travel as far as Toronto

Bracebridge Mobility

Huntsville Transit



Region: Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe


Community Reach Transportation (Midland)


Huronia Seniors Volunteer Care Team

  • Phone: 705-526-5566
  • Wheelchair accessible transportation run by volunteers
  • Email:






  • Hamilton
  • Kingston
  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • London
  • Niagara Region
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Windsor


  • Ajax
  • Brampton
  • Hamilton
  • Mississauga
  • Newmarket
  • Oshawa
  • Richmond Hill
  • Toronto


VON – Transportation Services

  • Phone: 905-529-0700 or 1-888-866-8515
  • Volunteers and paid drivers provide transportation to medical and non-medical appointments, grocery shopping, adult day programs


Driving Miss Daisy

    • Thunder Bay – 807-630-0890
    • Brantford – 519-865-1461
    • Oakville area – 905-399-6831
    • Toronto – 647-342-9400
    • Thornhill/Richmond Hill/Markham – 1-416-806-9432
    • Peterborough & Lindsay – 705-868-0074
    • Belleville – 613-921-3632
    • Kingston area – 613-484-4795
    • South Ottawa – 613-796-2285


Red Cross

  • Hearst – 705-362-5676
  • Kapuskasing – 705-335-4200
  • Moosonee – 705-336-2302
  • Smooth Rock Falls — 705-335-4200
  • Cochrane — 705-272-6770
  • Timmins — 705-267-4900
  • Thunder Bay — 807-623-3073
  • Iroquois Falls — 705-232-4901
  • Matheson — 705-272-6770
  • Salut Ste. Marie – 705-759-4547
  • Dryden – 807-223-4751
  • Sudbury – 705-647-0737
  • North Bay – 705-472-5760
  • Simcoe Muskoka – 705-721-3313
  • Toronto Region – 416-236-3180
  • Sarnia-Lambton – 519-332-6380
  • Burlington – 905-637-5664
  • Brantford – 519-753-4189
  • Hamilton – 905-522-8485


Circle of Care, Sinai Health


Nurse Next Door, Senior Transportation Services



GO Transit


Municiple Transit Systems in Ontario






“Many communities have organizations that provide volunteer driving and transportation services for seniors, including those who need accessible transportation. Dial 211 from any phone in Ontario for more information about services available in your community.”

  • You can almost visit the following website for more information.
  • ca


Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit


How to renew your driver’s license if you are over 80 (Ontario)


How to renew your commercial licences


How to apply for an accessible parking permit