Volunteer Tools for Cyber-Seniors Mentors

As of Sept 4, 2023, we will no longer be using uSked or Flex. We have launched a new Cyber-Seniors portal accessible through the login you used for Mentor Training. Please see details below.

After you have read this page and watched the videos, if you need help, please email scheduling@cyberseniors.org

View Virtual Tech Mentor Commitment Contract

New Mentor Dashboard

On the new Dashboard, you’ll be able to see your Upcoming Assignments, recent volunteer hours you earned, and you can still generate your Volunteer Hours report.

How to use the new Cyber-Seniors portal

STEP 1: Mentor Training Program: as before, complete the Mandatory videos and quizzes to unlock the Virtual Volunteering tab and begin volunteering.

STEP 2: Virtual Volunteering: No more uSked! Click this tab to see posted volunteer opportunities in which you can express your interest.

STEP 3: Completing your volunteer assignment: No more Flex! If you are helping an older adult with their tech issue, you will make the call from the Virtual Volunteering tab. If you are helping with a webinar, just join the webinar from the Zoom email confirmation.

What to do next

  1. Go to the My Account tab and complete any missing fields, especially “Languages you speak” and “Brands of devices you are comfortable with”
  2. Go to the Get Trained tab and complete the Stigma around Dementia quiz.
  3. Click through the rest of the buttons on the Toolbar to familiarize yourself with the resources available.
  4. Go to the Virtual Volunteering tab and view the assignments available for volunteering. Note that all times are currently in Eastern Time.
  5. For any assignment you would like to Request, click on the assignment and click the Request button.
Weekly Volunteer Info workshops

If you have questions or would like to improve your mentoring skills, please check out these informative webinars created just for our mentors:

Videos of previous workshops/info


Volunteer Appreciation Video

Words of Encouragement For and From Volunteers

Career Exploration Series

Our Career Exploration series has officially launched. No need to worry if you feel overwhelmed about the job market, or sending in your first job application, we’re here to help you get ready!

In workshops Tuesdays at 1pm EST/ 10am PST, we will walk you through some of the most important aspects of job readiness to make you stand out in the current job market. Workshops will start again this Fall 2023.

Watch recordings of workshops

Completing Volunteer Tasks

There are 2 types of assignments that are currently posted on the Cyber-Seniors portal. Further instructions on each of these assignments are below the descriptions.

  • 1-on-1 call: you are calling a specific senior who has booked an appointment to get tech help with a volunteer. When you are matched to this assignment, you will receive an email with the senior’s name, the time of the appointment, and details of the call.
  • Webinar (Zoom): you would be one of several volunteers who would be helping to answer questions from seniors or participate in break-out rooms. This may include Tech Drop-in sessions that take place every Thursday at 2pm Eastern Time.

Re: Daily Tech Webinars, Tech Drop-ins, Social webinars

Viewing past webinars: go to our Previous Webinars page

Registering for a webinar to observe (does not count towards volunteer hours): go to our Webinars page


Cyber-Seniors Virtual Background Baby Blue

Download Cyber-Seniors backgrounds for Zoom, Google Meet, etc.


UPDATE: ALL calls must be logged in the One-on-one Support Call Log (Google Form) even if the senior doesn’t answer.


CHAT Program (City of Los Angeles, Dept of Aging, Ventura County)

One-on-one dates: Ongoing

We will cover the 4th sessions in their curriculum Wednesdays and Fridays. The lesson’s content will be repeated after Friday.

  • They have iPad 8th Gen 32Gb equipped with cellular data. The data plan is unlimited and customer service number is: (855) 563-0055. 
    • The information about AT&T customer support is on their “folios” the program provided and in the form of a sticker in their physical devices.
  • Apps will be pushed to devices from the state of California, but they are allowed to download news apps on their own. 
  • Having an apple ID is not a requirement of this project, but I believe we should encourage them to sign up for additional one-on-one sessions if they want to.
  • Tablets have been given with: 
    • MoCaFi flyers
    • Welcome package – make sure we are referring to the project as the CHAT project
    • Basic iPad packet instructions
    • Basic Zoom instructions

Group sessions

Zoom Meeting ID: 891 6973 0744

DACL iPad Training (DC Seniors)

DACL=Department of Aging and Community Living, Washington DC

  • All have been given iPads with a SIM card and Zoom pre-installed

Interest Group sessions: 1st Thursday of each month. Emails are sent out by DACL to all participants in the days ahead of time with Zoom link

NYC Dept of Aging (NYDA) (GRC)

Location: New York City, Grandparent Resource Center

One-on-one dates: Ongoing

  • Zoom is the main application to conduct the group lessons as it is not part of their curriculum. However, please guide them on:
    • Select “Got it” when the message about the meeting recording pops up on their screen. 
    • Indicate how to connect their audio. Mute/Unmute
    • Using emojis and the raise hand option. Explain the difference between the two
    • Chat, send to everyone vs. private.
    • Speaker view vs. Gallery View
  • They may be some seniors in need of setting/navigating their emails
  • They will be using the LG Tablet, and if it is possible, show them how to create direct access or bookmarks to the Cyber-Seniors website. Including links to calendly, webinar registrations and reviewing past webinars.


Group sessions: 895 6244 0757

A&O Support Services

Location: Manitoba

Dedicated number: 204-500-1959

One-on-one bookings: https://calendly.com/aosupportservicesxcyberseniors/30min-1

University of Rhode Island (partner)

Location: Kingston, Rhode Island

Dedicated number: 401-208-2740

One-on-one bookings: calendly.com/cyberseniorsuri

Presenter Skills Workshop

During this workshop for Cyber-Seniors volunteers, webinar host Lori-Ann explain some of the most important things to know when volunteering in and presenting tech webinars.

Presenting over Zoom

Volunteer Hours and References

Volunteer assignments are assessed at 1.5 hours per assignment and hours will display on your Cyber-Seniors portal Dashboard.

Please note that you must be assigned as a mentor on a webinar in order to get volunteer hours for those webinars. You will not be awarded volunteer hours for observing a webinar.

Go to your Cyber-Seniors portal Dashboard for your Volunteer Hours Report. To generate it, click on the report icon, enter the time period you want, then click Generate Report. You can then download it from the link that appears.

*NOTE that our Volunteer Hours report is specifically designed to provide proof of your volunteer hours and includes a signature. If your school asks you to complete a form for your volunteer hours (including a signature), please complete the form from your school and submit both that form and the Volunteer Hours report from the Cyber-Seniors portal.

If you require more services/volunteer hours and are having a hard time getting enough hours in, please email us at scheduling@cyberseniors.org. We are always looking for more help, whether for our webinar or phone support services, or other tasks that Cyber-Seniors is doing.



Given the limited personal contact that we have with volunteers, we are not prepared to make statements about a particular volunteer’s skills and work record. Thus, we developed the Volunteer Hours report that is designed to provide information about Cyber-Seniors and what volunteers do in the course of their assignments. However, we’re happy to verify a claim of volunteer hours. Please send any claim to be verified to info@cyberseniors.org.

Login pages

  • If you want to pause volunteering (and receiving messages about volunteering opportunities), please email info@cyberseniors.org
  • If you no longer want to volunteer for Cyber-Seniors, please email info@cyberseniors.org.
  • Note: unsubscribing from the Newsletter WILL NOT remove you from the Cyber-Seniors system.