Cyber-Seniors and the Niagara Prosperity Initiative Project

With the support of the Niagara Prosperity Initiative, Cyber-Seniors delivered laptops and tablets, as well as free tech training to over 250 low-income senior citizens in the Niagara area, keeping them connected and reducing their social isolation.

Fran Feels Connected

Senior Testimonial – Fran shares that while learning technology through Cyber-Seniors has been helpful, the most rewarding part of her experience has been the intergenerational connections she’s made!

Grateful Seniors Tech Training Volunteer Program

Seniors who love to volunteer – Cyber-Seniors is here to teach you how to take your volunteer services online.

Meet Keshav, a Cyber-Seniors Tech Mentor

Keshav is a 14-year-old student from Ottawa who volunteers as a tech mentor for the Cyber-Seniors Program. In this video interview he talks about how he learned about Cyber-Seniors, why he decided to sign up as a mentor and what he enjoys about it.

Our volunteers are what make the Cyber-Seniors Program possible – thank you Keshav for the important work you do!

Ian Feels Invigorated

Ian is a younger senior who loves participating in weekly tech-webinars with Cyber-Seniors. He says interacting with young people makes him feel invigorated. Cyber-Seniors is proud to be able to bridge generational divides and make a difference in the lives of seniors and youth mentors!

Jean’s Telemedicine Moment

Jean, a senior, expresses gratitude for being able to connect virtually with her doctor, through what she’s learned with Cyber-Seniors about telemedicine.

A Poem About Cyber-Seniors

A Cyber-Senior named Jean wrote this wonderful poem to thank our volunteers! Our student volunteers teach tech lessons and offer one-on-one help – they are what makes Cyber-Seniors possible! And we love hearing how much the program has improved the lives of seniors like Jean.