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Daily Webinars for Seniors

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Mon, Jan 18 Chrome Extensions

4:00 pm Eastern Time  REGISTER

8:00 pm Eastern Time  REGISTER

Tue, Jan 19, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: Duolingo  REGISTER

Wed, Jan 20, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: Google Photos  REGISTER

Thur, Jan 21 Libby: eBooks and Audiobooks

4:00 pm Eastern Time  REGISTER

8:00 pm Eastern Time  REGISTER

Fri, Jan 22, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: Google Scholar  REGISTER

Cybersecurity Webinar: Mobile Phones and Cybersecurity

Monday, Jan 18, 12:00 pm Eastern Time  REGISTER

Seniors and Baby boomers lose close to $3 billion annually from Scammers. IRS impersonations, lottery scams, family member impersonations or social security scams are increasing in numbers….and becoming more sophisticated each day. As more and more Seniors opt into having cell phones, it means they are becoming more connected to loved ones- but more exposed to these crafty predators.

This webinar will help you identify the risks associated with your mobile devices and give you strategies to protect your personal information.

Seniors’ Exercise Class with RC Fitnez Studio: Zumba Gold

Monday, Jan 25, 9:00 am Eastern Time  REGISTER

Instructor: Renee Burwell-Billie

This easy-to-follow class is a FUN workout for anyone, any age, and with any ability. Using Latin styles of music and dance, Zumba Gold class members are able to perform traditional Zumba dance moves done at a lower intensity. It’s just as much fun as regular Zumba classes, just not as fast! Some featured dances are Salsa, ChaCha, Cumbia, Rock ‘n Roll, and Merengue. It utilizes longer warm-up and cool down segments than the traditional Zumba class, and strives to improve balance, strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness.

Social and other events

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Community Chat  Tuesdays, 1:00 pm Eastern Time   REGISTER

Bi-weekly Trivia Night Thursdays Jan 21, 7:00 pm Eastern Time REGISTER

Drama Club  Mondays starting Jan 11, 7:00 pm Eastern Time:  REGISTER

Photography Course at capacity


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