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Daily Webinars for Seniors (Zoom):

If you have a suggestion for a webinar, please send us an email.


To join any of our webinars, go to the email you received upon registration and click on the words “Click Here to Join“. If this is your first webinar, if you’re prompted to download and install Zoom, please do so.

Our webinars are recorded. Once the recording is ready, the registrants are emailed a link to the recording, or you can access the recording from our YouTube channel.

Fri, Apr 9, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: Bluetooth Headphones  REGISTER

Mon, Apr 12, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: Comparing Apple, Microsoft, and Google  REGISTER

Tue, Apr 13, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: How to sign eDocs  REGISTER

Wed, Apr 14, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: MasterClass  REGISTER

Thur, Apr 15, 4:00 pm Eastern Time Goodreads  REGISTER

Fri, Apr 16, 4:00 pm Eastern Time: Kanopy  REGISTER


Webinars coming up:

  • Cybersecurity Webinar: Cryptocurrency
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MailChimp
  • TED Talks Online
  • Online Gardening
  • DoorDash Food Delivery

Cybersecurity Webinar: What is Cryptocurrency?

Mon, Apr 19, 12:00 pm Eastern Time  REGISTER

Remember the 1954 four aces song three coins in a fountain…In this digital age the new title might 3 bitcoins in your virtual wallet, definitely not a very catchy title for a tune. Cryptocurrency is virtual money which is designed to pay for goods and services online. As the world becomes more interconnected and more concerned about authorities who may or may not have people’s best interests in mind, cryptocurrencies may offer a valuable alternative.
This webinar will teach you about cryptocurrency and what is used to purchase.

Seniors’ Exercise Class with RC Fitnez Studio

Instructor: Renee Burwell-Billie


If you registered for the March 8 class, please use the email invitation for all Monday 9am classes. If you did not register for the March 8 class, register for all future classes through the link above.

Chair-robics: 1st and 3rd Mondays
This is a fitness class that combines a variety of exercises to help increase cardio endurance while strengthening muscle. The workout can be led as an interval or circuit, or as a ½ and ½ class (half cardio, half strength).
Zumba Gold: 2nd and 4th Mondays
This easy-to-follow class is a FUN workout for anyone, any age, and with any ability. Using Latin styles of music and dance, Zumba Gold class members are able to perform traditional Zumba dance moves done at a lower intensity. It’s just as much fun as regular Zumba classes, just not as fast! Some featured dances are Salsa, ChaCha, Cumbia, Rock ‘n Roll, and Merengue. It utilizes longer warm-up and cool down segments than the traditional Zumba class, and strives to improve balance, strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness.

Events coming up:

  • Beginner Spanish lessons

Social and other events

(using Zoom):

Community Chat  Tuesdays, 1:00 pm Eastern Time   REGISTER

Guided Meditation  Fridays, 11:00 am Eastern Time:  REGISTER

Book Club  Friday, Apr 9, 2:00 pm Eastern Time:  REGISTER

Barkersville Blacksmith presentation  Thursday, Apr 15, 1:00 pm Eastern Time:  REGISTER

Trivia Night  Thursday, Apr 15, 5:00 pm Eastern Time:  REGISTER

Movie Night: August Rush (2007)  Friday, Apr 16, 6:00 pm Eastern Time:  REGISTER


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