Sam, Dev & Ange

Dev is a single dad to 16 year old Sam, and the sole caregiver of his 80-something year old mother, Ange. Ange lives on her own and is determined to hold onto her independence despite her declining physical and mental health. Sam is lost, keeping locked up in his room most days, playing video games. Between work and home life, Dev is struggling to keep it together.

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Pilot Episode

When Dev is running late for work one day, and concerned about this mother, he asks Sam to check in on her. Sam reluctantly agrees but finds himself enjoying her company and bonding with her over a smartphone. They begin to fill the void that exists in each of their lives and to Dev’s surprise, offer one another the kind of support he was not able to provide.

Episode 2 - Drive to School

Dev is phoning Ange but she is not picking up. In the meantime, he is letting Sam drive his car, to school, while providing instruction. When Ange finally picks up she asks Sam how he is doing and he says “not great”. Dev realizes that he has been so busy with work and caring for Ange that he has not noticed that Sam is struggling with anxiety.

Episode 3 - The Fall

Dev receives a Falls Alert from Ange’s phone. She has fallen and sprained her wrist. When she finds out that a Falls App has been installed on her phone without her permission she is furious. Sam helps her to realize that it is a good thing to have.

Episode 4 - Zoom Funeral

Ange asks Sam to set up her computer so she can attend a virtual funeral for an old friend. But when the eulogy is delivered she realizes it is not her friend, but rather someone with the same name. When Sam suggests that she might want to reach out to her old friend, now that she knows she is still alive, she says she is not interested. She just enjoys funerals.

Episode 5 - Joyride

Ange has a car but no longer drives. Sam has his license but no car. Ange and Sam go for a drive and when Dev finds out he is furious. Sam tells Dev that he doesn’t need to do everything for them. Sam and Ange discover that they can help each other.

Episode 6 - Mother Knows Best

Dev intercepts a text message from Sam’s friend and realizes that Sam is making excuses not to be with his friends. He phones Ange for guidance before giving advice to Sam. To his surprise, Dev realizes that Sam is more like him than he thought.

Episode 7 - Self Care

Dev has been under a lot of stress. Dev thinks he is picking up Sam but when he arrives he is met by Ange who tells him they have arranged for a spa treatment for him because he needs some “”self-care””. Later they enjoy Dev’s favorite snack – Joe Louies.

Episode 8 - Password Gate

Ange calls Sam and Dev telling them she is ‘locked out’. They rush over, assuming she is locked out of her house but when they arrive they realize she is locked out of her computer. A humorous exchange ensues in an effort to retrieve her password.

Tips from Sam, Dev & Ange: Connecting with Community

Having strong relationships is important in caregiving, and equally important is for caregivers and loved ones to connect with the community at large.

Tips from Sam, Dev & Ange: Laughter as a tool for healing

Finding moments of joyfulness in caregiving can build connections and provide stress relief.

Tips from Sam, Dev & Ange: Ageism

Ageism can affect the mental and physical well-being of people both young and old. Intergenerational contact is a great way to combat this discrimination.

Tips from Sam, Dev & Ange: Aging from home

Finding ways to support someone who wants to age from home, but also maintaining boundaries is a conversation every caregiver and loved one should have.

Tips from Sam, Dev & Ange: Talking about aging, illness, and death

Having conversations about aging, illness and death can help soothe fears and provide a common understanding between loved ones and caregivers.