How to Use Google Photos

In this session, our teen tech mentors will show you the ins and outs of Google Photos, from effortless photo storage to seamless sharing and collaboration.

How to Use Google Safely

Google𑁋the most popular search engine in the world. In this session, our teen tech mentors will teach you the importance of privacy settings, practical strategies for secure browsing, and tools to safeguard your personal information, prioritizing productivity and online security when using Google.

How to Use Google Calendar

Learn how to maximize your productivity and stay organized with Google Calendar! In this webinar, our teen tech mentor shows you the essential features of Google Calendar, from scheduling events and setting reminders to sharing calendars and managing invitations seamlessly.

Comparing Apple, Microsoft and Google

Have you ever wondered what differentiates Apple, Microsoft and Google? In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores the unique strengths and advantages each platform offers, empowering you to make informed decisions about your digital tools and seamlessly integrate them into your personal or professional life.

How to Use Google Play Books

Uncover the vast library of eBooks and audiobooks at your fingertips with Google Play Books, and learn how to personalize your reading experience by adjusting fonts, themes, and highlighting. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores how to access your collection across devices, discover new titles, and fully embrace the immersive realm of literature through Google Play Books.

Google Pay & Apple Pay: A Tutorial

Discover the convenience and security of contactless transactions using these popular mobile payment platforms. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores how to seamlessly link your cards, make purchases in-store and online, and manage your transactions, all while enjoying the ease and simplicity of modern payment technology.

How to Use Google Photos

Google Photos can effortlessly store and organize your cherished memories in a secure cloud-based environment. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores the array of features that Google Photos offers, from automatic photo backups and intelligent categorization to easy sharing options, and elevates your photography experience to a whole new level.

How to Use Google Drive

Explore the ins and outs of this powerful cloud-based platform, from creating and organizing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, to seamlessly sharing and co-editing with teammates in real-time. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor demonstrates how Google Drive can effectively streamline collaboration and take your productivity to new heights.

How to Use Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is software provided by Google that ties extensive satellite data together into one system to visualize the earth and study various geographic aspects and includes advanced features such as high-resolution printing, distance measuring, and global guided tours. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor will explore how to use Google Earth Pro and the advanced features it offers.

Google Home

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors will explore Google Home and how the apps connects with any other Google apps and devices in your vicinity. Having various Google devices empowers you to take advantage of your ecosystem of technology and Google Home is designed to maximize their cooperation.

Recorded on Nov 18, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time