Cyber-Seniors: Making Miraculous Things Happen | GreatCall

Watch how older adults connect with teens at the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos to explore technology together and share their experiences. In association with GreatCall, the Cyber-Seniors program, held at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center, combines the wisdom of age with the energy of youth to make miraculous things happen.

Cyber-Seniors & Sienna Senior Living

Be inspired by the unforgettable journey of a group of seniors and high school students. What they’ve learned and experienced, changed their lives forever. Cyber-Seniors is a community partnership program, where students from the local area help Sienna Senior Living residents learn how to use new technology.

Best Part and Fujitsu Preserving Memories Project

Fujitsu and Cyber-Seniors teamed up for a unique Preserving Memories project. Teen volunteers from the Breesee Youth Center worked together with adults at St. Barnabas Senior Center in Los Angeles, CA, to teach technology skills. They used ScanSnap scanners to digitize important items and share them with family and friends.

Cyber-Seniors & Best Buy Bring Tech Training to the Kiwanis Care Centre

Cyber-Seniors teamed up with Best Buy to bring technology to residents at the Kiwanis Care Centre in Canada’s British Columbia. Thanks to the generous tech donations from Best Buy and teaching resources found on the Cyber-Seniors website, the students from Windsor Secondary are helping the residents at the Kiwanis Care Centre learn to use technology.

The seniors are now using tablets to search the Internet and play games, using Skype to connect with family and friends, and they’re even incorporating games on the Wii U into their daily physical activities.