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Chair Aerobics with Renee

Check out more about RC Fitnez Studio classes at https://www.rcfitnezstudio.com/ Cyber-Seniors does not own the music played during the class.

Rhythm Walking with Renee

Check out more about RC Fitnez Studio classes at https://www.rcfitnezstudio.com/ Cyber-Seniors does not own the music played during the class.

Vaccine Certificate with QR Code

During this Cyber-Seniors Connected Communities session, we visit the steps you can take to download your enhanced vaccine certificate/QR Code. Do and don’ts to consider for its best use.

Guided Meditation on Kindness and Self Love

Find a comfortable seat in a quiet place, relax, and listen to this guided meditation on treating yourself and others with kindness and love. If you enjoyed this video, please […]

How to Use Search Engines

What are search engines and how do you use them? Learn how to search the internet and find everything from your family history and the news to directions and recipes […]

How to Use Zoom

Learn how you can connect with loved ones around the world in real-time with the video conferencing app Zoom. We’ll go through Zoom’s pros and cons and show you how […]

Les Téléviseurs Intelligents

Au cours de ce webinaire Cyber-Seniors, nos bénévoles décrivent la valeur des téléviseurs intelligents, qui vous permettent de diffuser de la musique, des films, la télévision et des vidéos, d’accéder […]

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How to Use Google Play Books

Uncover the vast library of eBooks and audiobooks at your fingertips with Google Play Books, and learn how to personalize your reading experience by adjusting fonts, themes, and highlighting. In […]

Google Pay & Apple Pay: A Tutorial

Discover the convenience and security of contactless transactions using these popular mobile payment platforms. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores how to seamlessly link your cards, make purchases […]

How to Use Google Photos

Google Photos can effortlessly store and organize your cherished memories in a secure cloud-based environment. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores the array of features that Google Photos […]

How to Use Google Drive

Explore the ins and outs of this powerful cloud-based platform, from creating and organizing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, to seamlessly sharing and co-editing with teammates in real-time. In this webinar, […]

Ergonomics and Technology

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores the crucial aspect of ergonomics in the context of technology use, aiming to optimize comfort, productivity, and long-term well-being. We discuss practical […]

The Best Health Apps for Seniors

Many user-friendly apps are designed to support physical fitness, mental agility, medication management, and social engagement, enabling people to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. In this webinar, our teen […]

How Technology Affects Hands and Wrists

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor delves into the relationship between technology use and hand/wrist health, exploring the potential risks and preventive measures. We discuss ergonomic practices and exercises […]

The Best Sleep Apps

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores a variety of apps that promote healthy sleep habits, relaxation techniques, and personalized sleep tracking, empowering participants to create a restful sleep […]

Most Popular Webinaires

Listening To Music Online: Spotify

How can you listen to music and podcasts on Spotify? Learn about the audio streaming service and how you can access both its free and paid-for services.

Maps: Best App and Practices

There are dozens of different map apps available; join us as we go through the pros and cons of each. Get live traffic updates, save offline locations, and get around […]

Cybersecurity with Robin Saunders -What is Phishing, Smishing & Vishing

Do you have an email account or smart phone? The large amount of data that you store on your personal devices makes you vulnerable to cyber criminals who are always […]

Fragment and Other Photo Editing Programs

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors discuss the Fragment Photo Editing app, which allows you to transform any image into unique prismatic art, as well as many other […]

Les Extensions Chrome

Ce webinaire fournit des informations sur les extensions que vous pouvez ajouter à Chrome, y compris pourquoi les extensions sont utiles et comment obtenir/utiliser des extensions sur Chrome. Enregistré 06/07/2022

How to Use iMessage

Want to send and receive text messages on your Apple iPhone, Computer or iPad? This session shows how to use iMessage to send and receive text messages, audio messages and […]

Microsoft Teams: Messaging and Video Calling

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors review Microsoft Teams, a free platform that allows you to easily instant message, call and video chat with others. Recorded on 06/07/2021

wikiHow: The Online How-To Guide

What is wikiHow? It’s a website containing how-to guides. It contains step-by-step instructions on all sorts of subjects, including laundry, business & finance, and cars & vehicles.

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