iPhone Accessibility Features

From VoiceOver to AssistiveTouch, our teen tech mentors will empower you to navigate your iPhone effortlessly and make the most of its accessibility features.

Keep Track with Apple AirTags

An Apple AirTag is a small, coin-shaped device that uses Bluetooth technology to help users keep track of their personal items. In this session, our teen tech mentors will explore how Apple AirTags can help users locate an item when traveling, keep track of their luggage, and share their location with friends and family.

Apple Wallet

In this session, our teen tech mentors will highlight how Apple Wallet revolutionizes the way you handle payments, boarding passes, loyalty cards, and more, all in one place, making your everyday transactions and travels smoother and more efficient.

Comparing Apple, Microsoft and Google

Have you ever wondered what differentiates Apple, Microsoft and Google? In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores the unique strengths and advantages each platform offers, empowering you to make informed decisions about your digital tools and seamlessly integrate them into your personal or professional life.

Apple Keynote and How to Use it

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor demonstrates how to create visually stunning slideshows, incorporate multimedia elements, and design engaging animations to captivate your audience, using Apple Keynote.

Apple Airdrop: A Tutorial

Discover how to effortlessly transfer photos, documents, and more between Apple devices using Apple Airdrop! In this webinar, our teen tech mentors teach you how to set up AirDrop, control privacy settings, and troubleshoot common issues, unlocking a faster and more efficient way to share content among your devices.

How to Use Apple Airplay

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor goes over how to effortlessly mirror or stream content from your Apple devices to compatible displays and speakers, whether for presentations, entertainment, or collaboration.

Google Pay & Apple Pay: A Tutorial

Discover the convenience and security of contactless transactions using these popular mobile payment platforms. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores how to seamlessly link your cards, make purchases in-store and online, and manage your transactions, all while enjoying the ease and simplicity of modern payment technology.

Exploring Mac Accessibility Resources

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores how Mac resources, such as VoiceOver, Zoom, Display Accommodations, or Dictation, can offer visual enhancements, magnification options, and voice input for improved accessibility and ease of use on Mac devices.

How the OnyX App Works

Onyx is a powerful utility software designed specifically for macOS systems, offering a comprehensive set of maintenance, optimization, and customization tools for your laptop. In this webinar, our teen tech mentors demonstrates how Onyx allows users to clean up system junk, delete caches, and improve overall performance.