Antivirus Softwares

In this session, our teen tech will explore how antivirus programs defend against malicious threats and teach you best practices for selecting and configuring effective security solutions to safeguard your devices and sensitive information.

How to Safely Use Amazon

This workshop teaches essential tips for safely navigating and utilizing Amazon’s platform. Discover secure browsing practices, payment safeguards, and account protection measures to ensure a worry-free shopping experience. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to confidently and securely navigate the vast array of products and services offered on Amazon.

How to Donate Safely Online

Learn about the essential steps needed to ensure safe and secure online donations! In this session, our teen tech mentors will show you how to identify reputable charity websites, verify payment security measures, and safeguard your personal information.

How to Stay Safe on Social Media

In recognition of Safer Internet Day, learn essential strategies for staying safe on social media! In this session, our teen tech mentors will help you recognize and avoid common online scams and develop critical thinking skills to evaluate and respond to potentially harmful content.

How to Avoid Cyber Hacking

In this session, our teen tech mentors will teach you proactive measures to protect your sensitive information, including strong password creation, two-factor authentication implementation, and recognizing phishing attempts.

Network Security Tips

In this session, our teen tech mentors will explore essential strategies for securing your home or business network and introduce you to common vulnerabilities and practical techniques to defend against cyberattacks.

Social Media Safety

Navigate some of the safety dynamics of social media with our Social Media Safety webinar! In this session, our teen tech mentors will show you best practices for privacy settings, identify potential threats, and discover proactive measures to keep personal information secure on social media.

Password Security

In this session, our teen tech mentors will dive into creating strong, memorable passwords and learn strategies to manage and protect your credentials effectively.

Protecting your privacy with VPNs

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a digital tool that provides a secure and private connection between a device and the Internet. In this session, our teen tech mentors will teach you how virtual private networks (VPNs) can help protect your online privacy and security while traveling, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Smartphone Security and Privacy

Your smartphone security can be improved in various ways, such as setting up strong passcodes or using biometric authentication methods. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor discusses the importance of keeping your operating systems and apps up to date to protect against potential threats, as well as location sharing and data access, to teach you how to safeguard your personal information and maintain a high level of privacy on your smartphones.