Name: Harneet
Location: Los Angeles
  • Fav Tech Gadget: Sony WH-1000XM4 (Noise Cancelling Headphones) – Great for focusing on work.
  • Fav Website: Can’t go wrong with Google – Unlimited resources and if you don’t know something you can just Google it!
  • Fav Part of Volunteering: We cover an abundance of resources that can help someone’s daily lifestyle–therefore, helping our community is one of the pivotal reasons why I love volunteering. Additionally, meeting people and sharing stories and building connections is fulfilling.

Why Volunteer?

Acquire new skills while providing a valuable service to senior citizens who truly appreciate your help.

It’s Inspiring!

Here is just one example of the many inspiring senior citizens you will work with.

It’s Fun

Cyber-Seniors is a blast and a half! Don’t believe it? Meet Marion.

How It Works

Learn more about the process of volunteering with Cyber-Seniors.

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