Browser Bookmarks and Shortcuts

Explore how to organize and manage your favorite websites for quick access, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor goes over different techniques for categorizing, syncing, and optimizing bookmarks across different devices, enhancing your productivity, and saving time while surfing the web.

How to Take Screenshots and Other Tools

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor discusses the art of capturing, editing and sharing screenshots on your devices, whether for work, tutorials, or creative projects.

Scanning Documents With Your Tablet or Phone

Have you ever struggled to scan documents on your laptop or phone? In this webinar, our teen tech mentor teaches you step-by-step how to use built-in apps or specialized scanning apps to effortlessly digitize physical documents, receipts, and notes.

Tech Terms Explained

Navigate the world of technology with confidence! In this webinar, our teen tech mentor breaks down key tech terms, from AI to IP to HTML, and helps you gain a deeper understanding of modern tech language, empowering you to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and engage in meaningful discussions.

How to Connect to WiFi and Data

The process of connecting your devices to Wi-Fi networks and mobile data services may not always be intuitive. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor teaches you how to locate and join Wi-Fi networks securely, as well as manage mobile data usage effectively.

How to Setup and Manage Your Email

This webinar will break down the process of setting up email accounts on your smartphones, whether it’s for personal or professional use. Our teen tech mentor also explores effective email management techniques, such as organizing emails, creating filters, and ensuring a clutter-free and efficient email experience.

Exploring the Internet on Your Smartphone

In this webinar, our teen tech mentor teaches you essential tips and tricks to enhance your web experience on your smartphone, including effective search strategies, security measures, and utilizing various mobile web browsers.

Making and Receiving Calls Effectively

There are many ways to make calls, including using voice commands, as well as accessing contacts, to initiate calls effortlessly. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor explores how to handle incoming calls effectively, including accepting, rejecting, and using the call waiting feature, as well as advanced call features like call forwarding, conference calls, and voicemail management.

How to Manage Smartphone Notifications

There are various ways to prioritize your smartphone notifications. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor teaches you techniques to avoid notification overload by disabling unnecessary notifications and categorizing alerts based on importance and relevance, as well as using “Do Not Disturb” mode during specific times to improve overall productivity.

How to Customize Your Smartphone

There are many ways to personalize your devices, including changing wallpapers, themes, and app icons to reflect your style and preferences. In this webinar, our teen tech mentor teaches you how to organize and declutter your home screens, as well as how to set up custom ringtones, notification sounds, and system-wide settings, and how to create a unique and personalized smartphone experience.