How to Use Discord

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors introduce Discord, a free video calling and instant messaging app that has been growing in popularity. Add friends and create servers to chat with loved ones, join or host virtual clubs, and play games together! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tech sessions!

Recorded 07/13/2021

Microsoft Teams: Messaging and Video Calling

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors review Microsoft Teams, a free platform that allows you to easily instant message, call and video chat with others.

Recorded on 06/07/2021

Google Meet: Free Video Calling Platform

During this Cyber-Seniors webinar, our teen tech mentors discuss the video-calling application Google Meet, which is another simple way to connect “face-to-face” with your loved ones through your computer, phone or tablet.

Recorded on 05/18/2021

Caribu: The Video Calling App For Your Grandkids

What is Caribu? Learn about the family-friendly video calling app and how you can integrate children’s books and activities into video calls.

Video Calling with WhatsApp

How does WhatsApp compare to other video calling platforms? Learn how to use the app to make video calls and see how it stacks up against competing technologies.

FaceTime & Alternatives for Non-Apple Users

Learn the strengths and limitations of FaceTime on your Apple devices and great FaceTime alternatives for non-Apple users.

How to Use Google Meet

Enjoy group video calls with up to 100 people with Google Meet. Learn how to use the video calling platform and see how it compares to similar services, including Zoom and FaceTime.

Video Calling with Google Duo

What is Google Duo and how does it compare to other video calling platforms? We’ll compare Google Duo with similar technologies and teach you how to use it.

How to Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a free app connected to your Facebook account in which you can send unlimited video calls, voice notes, and text messages. Learn how to install and use Facebook Messenger to connect with loved ones.

How to Use Zoom

Learn how you can connect with loved ones around the world in real-time with the video conferencing app Zoom. We’ll go through Zoom’s pros and cons and show you how to get started on the service.