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    Introduction to Miami Connected Community

    Webinars & Online Activities

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    Exercise Class (Mondays)

    June 24, 2024 - 1:00 pm
    Duration : 30 Minuts

    The Top Travel Apps

    June 24, 2024 - 4:00 pm
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Guided Meditation

    June 25, 2024 - 11:30 am
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Translation Apps for Easy Communication

    June 25, 2024 - 4:00 pm
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Exercise Class (Wednesdays)

    June 26, 2024 - 9:00 am
    Duration : 30 Minuts

    Protecting Your Privacy with VPNs

    June 26, 2024 - 4:00 pm
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Tech Drop-In

    June 27, 2024 - 2:00 pm
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Keep Track with Apple AirTags

    June 27, 2024 - 4:00 pm
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Exercise Class (Fridays)

    June 28, 2024 - 9:00 am
    Duration : 45 Minuts

    Guided Meditation

    June 28, 2024 - 11:30 am
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Organization Apps for Travelling

    June 28, 2024 - 4:00 pm
    Duration : 1 Hour

    Upcoming Webinars

    211 Miami

    211 Miami, a program of Jewish Community Services of South Florida, Inc. is a confidential helpline that connects people in need to community resources available in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.

    Accessing Miami-Dade Public Library Online

    Miami-Dade Public Library is a fantastic resources for the residents of Miami-Dade, but did you know you can access all the libraries resources online too!

    GoConnect - Miami-Dade Transit App

    Reserve a ride to Miami-Dade Transit stations or nearby destinations directly from the GO Connect mobile app. GO Connect meets you wherever you are as long as you’re within the service zone. You’ll be matched with other passengers heading in the same direction.

    Golden Passport from Miami-Dade Transit

    The Miami-Dade County Transit System offers a special program for those 65+ called Golden Passport. Golden Passport allows seniors and eligible social security benefit recipients to ride free on all its buses and rail trains.

    Go Miami-Dade Transit Mobile App

    GO Miami-Dade is the official transit mobile application of Miami-Dade County. The app is free and available for Apple and Android users.

    Teladoc Health

    Teladoc Health was founded on the idea that everyone should have access to the best healthcare anywhere in the world on their terms.

    Intro to Telemedicine

    Telemedicine is a term that covers the use of technology to deliver clinical care at a distance. It allows patients to receive healthcare when needed, especially those with limited care access.

    Apps to access eBooks and Audiobooks

    The best eBooks and Audiobooks apps let you read and listen to digital titles directly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    Intro to Cybersecurity for Older Adults

    The web can be a rich source of information, connection, and community for older adults. Yet, as with any other public space, you must be aware of your surroundings; this includes the internet, as the number of online scams targeting the older adult population is pretty significant.

    Making the best out of your email

    Email offers a fast, efficient, and convenient way to communicate with others, allowing messages to be sent and received instantly anywhere in the world with an internet connection.