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Monthly Training Session

Thur, June 6, 1:30 PM ET: Social Engineering: Psychological Hacking

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iPad Lesson 1

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DC Libraries session

Session 3: EBooks, Audiobooks, and Music on your iPad

Avoid Medicare Fraud by VETS Group

On-line threats by Byte Back

Telehealth by Byte Back

Hosting a Zoom Meeting by DC Libraries

Accessing e-Books by DC Libraries

Using Facebook by DC Libraries

ABC's of Cyber-Security by Cyber-Seniors

Jenny's Travel Adventures

Cybercrime During the Holidays

Beginners Guide to Choosing Your Internet

Fact Checking Media

Refurbished and Used Devices

Health Apps for Seniors

Presented May 5, 2022

Introduction to Age-Tech

Presented July 7, 2022

Lumosity: Brain Training App

Presented Aug 4, 2022

Apps Safety

Presented Sep 1, 2022

How to Reduce Eye Strain

Presented Oct 6, 2022

Internet Basics

Presented Nov 3, 2022